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How It Works

Darts Atlas scores are entered into the database as soon as they are entered. Once the server records the score it sends a signal back to your scoreboard, which uses that data to show the updated scores and to switch the throw to the next player.

Refreshing your scoreboard is the best way to resolve any errors and to reload the throw history based on the realtime database information.

Your scoreboard must have a stable internet connection in order to reliably record and update throws.

Throwing Order

Tap a player’s name or score to give them the throw. Darts Atlas will automatically give the throw in odd legs to the player who enters the first throw in the first leg, and in even legs to their opponent. This can be overridden on a leg-by-leg basis by tapping the other player’s name or score prior to throwing the first dart in that leg.

Undo a Game Shot

If you mistakenly entered a game shot, as long as it wasn’t the winning leg in the match, you can tap “Menu” and then “Undo Last Throw” to return to the previous leg and to delete the game shot.

A match-winning visit cannot be undone.