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Production Kit

Production Kit Download

Production Kit Contents

  1. darts_atlas_obs.lua - A custom OBS script that automates Source updates between matches
  2. ##-darts-atlas-template.json - A Template to import all available Darts Atlas sources into your OBS Scene Collections (## refers to your video resolution)
  3. ##-safe-areas.png - A visual guide to help you understand where it’s safe to place objects in your stream, and where you should avoid putting critical match data (## refers to your video resolution)
  4. darts-atlas.png - The Darts Atlas logo, for use in your streams if you would like to include it in your productions
  5. be-math-aware.png - The Be Math Aware logo, for use in your streams if you would like to help in the fight against innumeracy in the darts

Add the Scene Collection

  1. Extract the Production Kit files by double-clicking the file you downloaded
  2. Launch OBS
  3. Open the OBS “Scene Collection” menu, then select “Import”
  4. Find the ##-darts-atlas-template.json file on your hard drive and import it, making sure you select the one that matches your OBS video resolution settings (720 or 1080)

Set Up Your Scene Collection

  1. Update the Safe Areas Image Source at the bottom of your OBS Sources list to point to the corresponding ##-safe-areas.png file in your Production Kit
  2. Add the Darts Atlas OBS Script
    1. Open your OBS “Tools” menu, then select “Scripts”
    2. Click the “+” sign, and find the darts-atlas-obs.lua file in your Production Kit to add the script to your Scene Collection
    3. Leave the Match ID and Theme Color values empty for now - we’ll come back to this later
    4. Close the Scripts menu

Test Your Sources

Invite a friend to play a match to test your Sources. You can get your Match ID from the URL of your match. For example, if your match is at then your Match ID is ABCD1234.

You can automatically update all of the Darts Atlas browser sources by entering your new Match ID into the Darts Atlas OBS Script, then clicking “Apply”.

Add Your Branding

Apply custom branding via the Darts Atlas OBS Script. Select a prominent brand color to apply to the Darts Atlas scoreboards and on-screen widgets. For example, setting the Theme Color as FF0000 will apply a red background color, and a Text Color as FFFFFF will apply a white text color atop it. Click Apply for your branding changes to take effect.